Parallel Space APK for Android, iphone/ipad & iOS

Parallel Space for Android: Hi Guys Parallel Space allows you to that two accounts in one Android Device like 2 WhatsApp, 2 FaceBook, 2 Clash of Clans etc. There is no rooting is required to run this app. Parallel Space is easy to use and the application requires less space to install from Play store. The great new doesn’t come from Android or FaceBook. For free music, videos and movies Vidmate app.

It comes from the third party application that you can download from Play store, and it is for free. Parallel Space is a single app that allows you two accounts in single Android phone simultaneously. Using the Parallel Space app you can simply add two accounts for FaceBook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Clash of Clans etc in the same device and run simultaneously.

If you are interested in downloading these multi accounts on android phone? Then follow this guide till the end. Now let’s see the main key features of the Parallel Space App.

Features of Parallel Space

  • Parallel Space requires less space to download.
  • For installation of Parallel Space, no root is required.
  • Double your gaming and double up the Fun.
  • It is stable & easy to use.
  • Mostly all apps are supported.

How to Download Parallel Space for Android

Parallel Space on Android is free to download and use it on your Android device. Follow these steps for using on your Android and you can simply Download Parallel Space for Android from Play Store and enjoy the free application on your Android device. To run an Android application on your device require root but for the Parallel Space app, there is no need of root required.

Steps to Install Parallel Space on Android

  • Initially, Download and Install the Parallel Space app from Google Play Store.
  • Now open the installed Parallel Space on your device and tap on the + icon.
  • After tapping on + icon, add an app from the list.
  • Now setup your WhatsApp or FaceBook or Clash of Clans with the new account.
  • That’s it, you have successfully installed second WhatsApp account.
  • Click on the app you installed and start using it.

I hope that you have downloaded Parallel space successfully on your Android device. If you have any doubt then leave a comment below. I think that this guide will help to start 2 WhatsApp account in one device simultaneously.

The same procedure to download and using of Parallel Space app for iPad/iPhone/iPod. The Parallel Space for iPhone version is not yet announced. If announced we provide you update about that version. If you have any query regarding the Parallel Space for Android freely leave a comment below.

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